LAHORE - The first demand of Pakistani delegation in the upcoming strategic talks between Pakistan and the US in Washington should be withdrawal of American and NATO forces from the region, says Jamaat-i-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan. In a statement issued on Saturday, he said Pakistani delegation should tell the US that Islamabad would counter the terrorism by herself, as the presence of American and NATO forces in the region causing instability. He said Pakistani delegation should also tell the Americans that Islamabad was going to halt military operations, as the Pakistan was suffering serious economic disorder and poor law and order situation by fighting this war. Munawar talking about the statement of Richard Holbrooke said that Washingtons special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan statement clearly hints at a new task for our army to crush al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters. He said the US administration might not include the army chief in the upcoming talks between the two countries if it has no task for our army in its mind. Commenting on another piece of Holbrookes statement regarding strengthening the democracy in Pakistan, he said the US had always supported the dictators in Pakistan to achieve their agenda. About the Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshis statement regarding the forthcoming strategic talks with the US, JI chief said the foreign minister should not forget this fact that India was the only strategic partner of America in this region. He said Pakistan was rendering sacrifices, however India not only getting benefits in Afghanistan but also hatching conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan with the backing of the US.