FAISALABAD (APP)- The speakers at a seminar urged the farmers and industrials to adopt modern and scientific methods for enhancing the sugarcane production as the country is likely to face sugarcane shortage of 14.6 percent this year. The seminar on Technique to Increase Sugarcane Production was held here on Friday at Old senate Hall,University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF). The seminar was aimed at given awareness to the farmers and sugar industrials regarding the modern techniques to boost up the sugarcane production. large number of farmers and industrials hailing from across the country participated in this seminar. Ayub Agriculture Research Institute (AARI) Faisalabad Director (Wheat) Makhdoom Husain was the chief guest while Ali Akbar Group (Sales and Marketing) General Manager Malik Farooq Ahmed attended it as guest of honour. The speakers said that total production of sugarcane in our country is 3.65 million tons while our current requirement is 4.35 million so deficit stands at 19 percent. But in the ongoing year (2010), the production would rise to 3.8 million ton so the deficit would stand at 14.6 million ton, they pointed out. Malik Farooq highlighted the issue of sugarcane crop from seed to a matureplant. He informed the farmers about the new techniques which are economical and would yield tangible results by increasing the crops production manifold. He threw light in detail regarding disease, use of fertilizers, soil selection and other issues relating to the sugarcane crop. How does climate affect on the sugarcane, he briefed, and presented its remedy before the audience. Sugarcane Director Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Cheema spoke about sugarcane research institute and gave the knowledge about soil selection and climate impact etc. He educated the audience especially farmers regarding the crop diseases which is a killer snatching a chunk of the crop from the nation, their symptoms and scientific ways to cope with it. * M Afzal, the sugarcane specialist, shared the knowledge about efficient management resources for sustainable sugarcane. * He spoke about water management, modern techniques, and other issues pertaining to management of the crop that would help increase the production manifold. He threw light on pest management, best planting methods etc. His presentation included climate, soil type, varieties, cropping system, planting method and natural enemies.* Makhdoom Husain stressed the need to use modern techniques for increasing the crop. He told the audience about latest and scientific techniques saying it is vital to meet the challenges confronting the country. * He said by adopting the method, we can not only meet the need of country but also earn handsome amount that would redress the problems of farmers and a common man would be able to enjoy agricultural products at economical price. He said that this step would maximize our production.* Ali Akbar Group National Sales Manager Syed Sajjad Husain thanked the audience for sparing their time for the session.