This is in connection with the 'Walk Against Corruption that was organised by civil society members on March 18 in Islamabad. It was led by Mr Roedad Khan. It is, indeed, a very good cause and we must participate in such walks. However, the walk is a one-time affair and even if it creates some awareness among people, it would make no difference to the corrupt mafia of our country. This effort cannot be too enduring. To keep the message alive, it will have to be repeated on and off which is not very feasible. May I suggest that in order to create a much wider impact that might last perpetually and reminds us all of the issue on a daily basis, we should use words of abuse against corruption in our correspondence. I request all public and private organisations should inscribe in bold at the top of their letterheads and emails something denouncing corruption. Apart from it, we must also carry out a social boycott of the corrupt. I am sure it will have the desired effect in eradicating this curse from our society. We should not invite politicians as chief guests to our functions. Newspapers should not publish their pictures. We must boycott the politicians totally. If a by-election is held somewhere, no one should vote for anyone. -SYED JAVED HASSAN BUKHARI, Murree, March 21.