ISLAMABAD CID police arrested a top gun of Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP, a banned militant outfit, and recovered an abducted landlord who was kidnapped in the limits of Koral Police Station for generating funds for the TTP. According to sources, CID police recovered landlord identified as Abdul Sami, who was kidnapped on March 11 from Koral area and the kidnappers had reportedly been calling his family for ransom money worth Rs 20 millions. The abductors kept the landlord in an abandoned house situated in Gujar Khan- a suburb area of Rawalpindi. The sources disclosed that the gang comprising of three members. They said that CID police along with Gujar Khan police raided at the hideout of kidnappers and after a brief encounter police managed to recover the abductee on the other day. The Sources said that CID police also arrested one abductor who got some injuries during the encounter and now was being given medical treatment under the custody of police in a hospital situated in Gujar Khan. They further revealed that two other accomplices were not present at the hideout at the time of the raid. However, efforts were underway for their arrest, they added. As per sources during the primarily investigations, the nabbed kidnapper confessed that they had been kidnapping the rich people for generating fund for TTP in shape of the ransom.