OSAKA (AFP) - An elderly woman and her teenage grandson were rescued from the wreckage of a home in northeast Japan on Sunday, nine days after a massive earthquake and tsunami, police said. The story of survival provided welcome good news as the death toll from the March 11 quake-tsunami disaster continued to climb, with the number of confirmed dead and missing topping 21,000. An 80-year-old woman, Sumi Abe, and her 16-year-old grandson Jin were rescued from debris and sent to hospital in the devastated coastal city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture, local police said. "Their temperatures were quite low but they were conscious," an Ishinomaki police spokesman told AFP. They were in the kitchen when the 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck off Japan's coast, Japanese media reported. The house collapsed with them inside and was hit by tsunami waves, but the teenager was able to reach food from the refrigerator, helping the pair to survive for more than a week. "We were trapped right after the quake. We survived by eating little by little," Jin told police, according to the public broadcaster NHK.