Multan - A clash among violent protesters and police erupted in Multan, injuring seven people including four policemen. Hundreds of activists from various religious parties vent their rage against the arrest of former federal religious affairs minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi, injuring four policemen including a DSP. The protesters were carrying baton and some of them arms damaged more than 12 shops in a plaza, four vehicles, and dozens of motorcycles. Two people allegedly shots fires when the violent protesters ransacked the plaza. The mob tortured the two people who allegedly fired shots and the police, which tried to escort the two men. Moreover, the protesters pelted stones on the police, which manage to escape the site and returned after two hours with a huge contingent of the police and resorted to use baton-charge and teargas shelling to disperse them. Kazmis brothers Tahir Saeed Kazmi, Arshad Kazmi and Sajjad Kazmi led the protest. Speaking on the occasion, they threatened countywide protest if the former federal minister would not be released. They termed the arrest without proof against the law, saying: Such arrest was just revenge. They said, The court that released Raymond Davis in double murder case with protocol should also deliver justice to a minister. Similarly, the protests for the release of Kazmi were held in Lahore, Bahawalpur and Karachi. The activists were from various religious parties, including Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, Sunni Tehreek, Anjuman Tulba Islam and Tanzeem Alseed and others participated in the protests.