We are all deeply moved and sorry to read and hear of the terrible disaster in Japan. The destruction and misery of the Japanese people affected with the earthquake and tsunami are truly appalling. Our hearts and sympathies go out to them in this hour of their trial. However, through all this tragedy, there is one bright shining star which stands out brighter than the sun. So far, I have not seen one picture of a Japanese man, woman or child crying or wailing. All of them have remained calm and though harassed, show no signs of despondency. They are going about reclaiming their dead and wounded in an organized manner. We see shortages of food and necessities in the empty stalls and malls. People line up in a disciplined manner for their turn at the empty stores. There has been no looting or riots. Even the Japanese government has not asked for help from outside. While the devastation is still going on in the shape of nuclear fallout, the entire nation has already begun the painful task of cleaning up and rebuilding. No one has complained against or criticized the government, not a word. What a nation. What a great nation. This is the spirit that great nations are made of. And the great Japanese people have proved themselves to be a great nation by all standards. I am sure, and I pray, that before the year is out, Japan will be on its way to full recovery. Therein are lessons for all of us. AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, March 18.