Davis has bought his freedom for Rs. 200 million while Pakistan has sold its emancipation to the US for the same amount of money. Question of diplomatic immunity remained controversial and unanswered while Raymond has got escaped from the custody of Pakistan without facing any severe trials or prosecutions. But it has raised barrage of questions for Pakistan which is witnessed in widespread protests and demonstrations that are going in every nook and cranny of the country and are expected to get momentum and turn into conflagration in coming few days. Raymonds release also gives the impression that he was not under the criminal charge but was under the protective cover of Pakistan and government of Pakistan. It is a severe jolt to the solidarity and cohesion of Pakistan. But according to the US, the release of Davis is another step towards bolstering the cordial ties between the US and Pakistan. The US is merely playing the game of charade with Pakistan and nothing more than that. It failed to prove the diplomatic immunity for Davis. It is known all over the world that he was conducting illicit activities on the soil of Pakistan by collecting sensitive information regarding the Pakistani borders, intelligence agencies as well as the nuclear assets of Pakistan. This drama of friendship with US must end now. RA'ANA NATASHA AWAN, Lahore, March 18.