In spite of orders by Supreme Court of Pakistan, to immediately cancel all contracts involving officers and executives, who have exceeded the age of superannuation, state owned corporations continue to flout these directives. It is shocking to witness the grant of extensions to those executives, under whose watch these tax payer funded enterprises have gone into the red. It seems that executives tarnished with allegations of financial mismanagement, are those who have benefited the most of such extensions. While the Supreme Court has taken cognizance of such malpractices, it has ignored the grant of successive extensions to the executives of SNGPL, PIA Investments, OGDC, KPT, NBP, PIA Marketing, PSO etc. Another area where grant of extensions has become a norm is our foreign service, where in spite of dismal performance, ambassadors have managed to retain their posts. In a country where there is no dearth of qualified talent, such extensions cause frustration amongst the youth, who excel or compete in qualifications. This evil practice must come to an end and in future extensions be granted only rarely to those who excel in fields of science and technology and not to those who at best can be described as jack of all and master of none. ANEELA CHANDIO, Sukkur, March 19.