USMAN CHEEMA ISLAMABAD The current rise in the power tariff that would be more than seven per cent till June collectively must not be considered the last attack on the pockets of consumers as after June Nepra would go for new determination of tariff. The sources in the ministry of water and power said that the government had to invent new term of surcharge as legally it could not raise power tariff because it had already touched the set figure of Nepra for the fiscal year 2010-11. As soon as the June comes, Nepra would go for new maximum power tariff determination for the next fiscal year 2011-12 and then the government would not need to use word of surcharge to raise the tariff. After June the power prices would also start going up to the limit of Nepra determination and this is also pertinent to mention here that the coming time might be more lethal than ever for the consumers. The sources said that the government has no way out or it does not have ability to avoid the power tariff raises. There are two ways to avoid huge raises in power tariff and the first one is building dams and generating hydel electricity but no hydel project is in the line. The second is that the government should work hard to decrease line losses and it is worth mentioning here that in three years of the govt tenor there is no significant decrease seen in the line losses. In some sectors the line losses figure is more than 30 per cent and that burden is transferred to innocent masses who do not steel electricity but pay on the behalf of thieves. As far as IMF is concerned, it is not going to stop pushing the government for further increasing the tariff. IMF is concerned about the budgetary deficit of the country as their stakes involved in terms of money invested with the government.