LAHORE - The human intelligence gathered during the activities of US spy, Raymond Davis could be used as a source of information by the American intelligence community against their so-called terror targets despite the fact the CIA promised with security services of Pakistan for halting their independent operations inside Pakistan. Well-placed sources privy to the nature of information gathering operations similar to Raymond Davis network told The Nation on Sunday that CIAs senior operative who was released on March 16 after settling blood money with the families of his victims operated a deep undercover human intelligence network in the country. He also passed on several vital piece of information to Langley, Virginia, the CIA headquarters. While, important pieces of information is also imprinted in his memory that could be used by the US spy service against their so-called terror targets inside Pakistan. To a query regarding the current location of Davis, the sources informed that they could not say anything with certainty in this regard, however, the US operative was 'debriefed at the CIA station in Afghanistan. In the debriefing process, CIA tried to ascertain whether Davis had disclosed any important piece of information to Pakistani security services regarding his operations in Pakistan. To another question whether Davis could operate from Afghanistan in future, they informed that it was not possible according to CIA pledge for halting its independent operations inside Pakistan. However, such possibility could not be ruled out also, as the intelligence services of the entire world despite having agreements never followed their pacts. They claimed that countrys security services had guarantees with them that the US spy services would launch no more independent operations inside Pakistan. The security services need to be more vigilant on the issue of US spies both local or foreign in the future in the backdrop of Davis episode. It is to be mentioned here, Raymond Davis was the second-in-command of the former station chief of CIA, Pakistan Jonathan Banks, stationed in Islamabad. He was carrying out missions of information gathering for drone targets, keeping intact CIAs network in Khyber-Pukhtunkhawa, assisting the operatives monitoring and gathering information of right-wing and religious organisations, besides making efforts to erect a network in South Punjab.