LAHORE (APP) - Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa said on Sunday that Raymond Davis was released by the court as he was pardoned by families of murdered persons after taking blood money of Rs 200 million which was in accordance with Shariah laws. Talking to the media at the marriage ceremony of daughter of Habibur Rehman aka Mani Pehalwan, a senior worker of the PPP, he said the court had quizzed all 19 members of the family before the decision and their affidavits were presented in the court, adding that there was no pressure on the families. He said that Islam appreciates forgiveness by taking blood money or without it and the law of Qisas and Diyat was included in the PPC 1990 on the order of the Supreme Court. He said that law of Qisas and Diyat was helpful in maintaining peace and brotherhood in society, adding that courts were never as free as they were now, so who did not like the decision of the court might go to higher courts. To another question, he said that blood money might have been paid by the family of Raymond Davis if it was not paid by the US government. Answering a question about the whereabouts of the families, he said that no one could pressurise 19 people without their will. He said the court had mentioned in its detailed judgment that there was no single evidence which proved that it was an act of anarchy. To another question, he said the Election Commission of Pakistan would decide about the destiny of the unification bloc of the PML-Q. He said political parties would suffer if few people were allowed to make groups in the parties. He said that he would neither approve any summary nor administer oath to ministers of the unification bloc before a decision of the Election Commission, adding that all parties should follow the code of conduct. Commenting on the detention and torture of PCS officers in Lahore, he said the officers had some demands from the provincial government and he would look into the matter if they approached him. To a question about the performance of the Punjab government, he said that he was reviewing all actions of the government and he would give an overall version about it after the completion of the analysis. He said all political workers should resolve their issues within their parties instead of forming separate groups.