LAHORE - The families of the two youth murdered by Raymond Davis have reached Saudi Arabia mysteriously after signing an agreement for Davis release. Talking to TheNation, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Muhammad Aslam Tareen said, According to my information, a few members of the bereaved families have been shifted to the Saudi Arabia from where they may travel to the US. In reply to a question, Aslam Tareen ruled out threats to the bereaved families here in Pakistan. All the 18 members of the bereaved families in person appeared before the court and forgave the accused verbally and in writing and on the final hearing and the judge heard every member of the families one by one. All of them agreed on the deal singed by the both parties. Every person received the amount of Diyat, he added. Asked about the names of those who have been landed in Saudi Arabia, the CCPO said most of family members reached there but he did not know the names of all of them. However, another source in police said that Muhammad Afzal, Ramzan, husbands of Faheems sisters Nazia and Mumtaz, Amir Hashmi, Malik Khurram, Rasheed Chohan, Ayub and Imran, husbands of Faizans sisters Mumtaz, Nazia, Aasia, Zille Huma, Shazia and Saima have been residing in somewhere in Pakistan and soon they would also reunite to their families in Saudi Arabia while all other family members landed in Saudi Arabia, he added. The sources said as soon as the court ordered the release of Davis, all the members of the families along with Davis and other US Consulate officials reached the airport in Consulate vehicles from where they flew to Saudi Arabia. Raja Irshad, a lawyer and Ashraf Rasool, a PML-N MPA, played the key role in convincing the bereaved families to sign the agreement. Ashraf Rasool visited the victim families and Raymond Davis many times, a top jail official said. He said added the people present, entire courtroom and the in-camera session were locked till the CIA plane carrying Davis and the members of the bereaved families reached up to 25,000 ft in the sky. On the other side, Raymond Allen Davis implicated in double murder case fled the country while leaving numerous legal questions behind him. A legal expert on condition of anonymity said that Raymond has been released before the police team, associated with the case, submits a complete challan of the case. Yes, the City Police Chief Aslam Tareen had submitted an incomplete challan to the court, he added. According to legal point of view, the accused could not be released before the challan is completed, as incomplete challan means any major development is possible at any stage of the case during investigation, he added. The expert said that Davis must be charged on spying in the country as the things recovered from his possession are directly related to his nefarious designs. A cop said that as 42 articles recovered from his possession, minutes after he gunned down two innocent Pakistanis in broad daylight, were still in police custody. As per law, if the court releases any accused he claims his articles back from the police. Allen knew about his position that he had committed a heinous act of crime so he fled away without demanding his belongings, he added. Talking on the issue, the CCPO Aslam Tareen said, A few sensitive articles including a GPRS, a wireless set, mobile phone etc were sent to the FIA for their analysis. He said the police have received the FIA report but nothing sensitive negotiation was recorded. The CCPO said there is no need to seek any report when the case is discharge from the court. A senior police officer, who was among the investigation team, requesting not to be named said that a Beretta pistol, five magazines, 75 bullets, GPRS, wireless set along with original mobile battery, a special commando knife, a digital camera, a modern small telescope, a small torch, ATM Card, a blank check, life saving kit and other such sensitive things were confiscated from his possession. Yes during investigation process, he often snubbed us saying as per law I am not bound to disclose any thing before you, he added. He, however, said that the police have successfully done their job as they investigated the case and proved him murder by collecting the necessary evidence.