LAHORE Federal Law Justice and Parliamentary Minister Dr Babar Awan said processions should not be staged in favour or against the decisions of the courts, nor the verdicts should be politicised. Talking to the media at the marriage ceremony of daughter of Habib-ur-Rehman alias Mani Pehalwan, a senior PPP worker held at Railway Stadium here on Sunday, he said the PPP would fulfil its responsibility by following the reconciliation policy and the coalition government was successfully completing its democratic tenure of five years. He also said the PPP would carry on its efforts for democracy and given sacrifices lives during the struggle for democracy. To a question about the protest of the PPP in Punjab assembly, he said protest in the parliament was the right of the political parties and termed it as a parliamentary tradition so no body should criticise the protest. To another question, he said that President Asif Ali Zardari was going to deliver his speech to the joint session of the parliament on March 22 and he hoped that political parties would not repeat the action of 1990. The present government will be the first one which will complete its 4th parliamentary year as former four democratic governments cannot complete their tenures, he said, adding that it was the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed which forced a dictator to leave the government and a democratic government was formed in 2008. The minister said that BB Shaheed wanted to give the chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee of the parliament to the leader of the opposition, and it was the vision of the BB Shaheed that the PAC had recovered more than Rs 67 billions in last four years which benefited the exchequer of the country. Political parties should follow their political agendas and they should avoid horse-trading in or out of the parliaments, he said, while maintaining that the PPP had ensured independence for courts, and now it was its constitutional responsibility to protect the decisions of the courts. To a question about Drone attacks, he said the PPP had put up the real stance of the people against drone attacks for the first time but these attacks were started during the tenure of previous regime. Sovereignty of the country will be ensured at any cost, he vowed. To a question about torture on PCS officers in Punjab, he said the PPP was a democratic party and it did not like violence or aggression, adding that government servants should be treated politely. Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa PPP General Secretary Jehangir Badr, advisor to President Naveed Chaudhary, PML-N MNAs Sardar Ayyaz Sadiq, Pervaiz Malik, and Rohail Aghar, and several PML-N and PPP leaders including Sami Ullah Khan, Aziz-ur-Reman Chan, Zekriya Butt, Mian Ayyub and Aurang Zeb Barki were sent in the ceremony.