LAHORE - The Pakistan Muslim League-N has sent a questionnaire to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, questioning 'contradictions in his statements and postures during the issue Raymond Davis. The PML-N has averred that reply to the questionnaire was a must for Imran Khan, otherwise, the people would be right in believing that his assertions and allegations in this regard were baseless. Secondly, it will also establish that his criticism was meant for political point scoring and his agenda was nothing except his personal aggrandisement, it added. The first question pertains to perceived absence of the legendary cricketer-turned-politician from January 27 when Davis killed two Pakistanis in the provincial metropolis to February 6 when he came to fore. Why did he keep quiet for 9 days? Despite his tall claims of fight the case until the end, why Khan did not consult lawyers during the 40-days crisis. After the suicide of Faizans wife Shumaila Kanwal, he vowed to help the aggrieved family get justice. What help was given? Why did he not reach Faisalabad to extend assistance? Khan also vowed to fight against Davis release under Diyat (blood money), and the heir would be given enough that they would not accept the money. Millions of rupees are collected in charity every year. How much money was collected to fulfil this promise? Why was not it given to the legal heirs? Is it not so that if you (Imran Khan) had paid the money, the aggrieved would not have accepted the Diyat? Mentioning that during his talk to the media in Lahore on March 7, Khan vowed that he would foil every conspiracy of the rulers, his party would provide security to the family. What tangible steps did you take to ensure it? To thwart conspiracies and for protecting the families, why Khan did not provide shelter to them at his Bani Gala 300-kanal mansion? On March 14, Imran Khan held a special meeting with the American ambassador to Pakistan. Why people and press were not informed about its details till date? Why did Khan remain mum from day of the meeting till Davis was released? Khan must tell the nation about his five-minute presence at the rally of his party at Islamabad on March 18. Where was the PTI chief when the complainants lawyers were changed at the last moment? Why did you not offer this service, especially when Khan was having close connections with the families? Khan asserted that changing of advocates was because of pressure. Why did you not raise hue and cry over this and families absence? Lastly, Khan have been creating a lot of noise over heirs disappearance and asserting that they had been kidnapped. Why has Khan not moved a competent court in this regard?