LAHORE Reshaping its political strategy, the PML-Q top brass has not only announced boycotting joint session of the parliament to be addressed by President Zardari, but also made an effort to reach out to the ailing Nawaz Sharif in London in a bid to secure PML-Ns support. It is believed that PML-Qs top leadership designed its new political plan in the backdrop of Moonis Elahis arrest, the son of former Punjab chief minister, as the entire party leadership is desperate to rescue Moonis at any cost. However, PML-Q chief Ch Shujaat Hussain, after chairing an emergency meeting of the party on Sunday, said that the party leadership has decided to boycott joint session of the parliament scheduled for March 22 in protest against Raymond Davis release and drone attacks. Ch Shujaat said the government has failed to address problems of the masses and at the same time increased taxes that have burdened the masses further. Kamil Ali Agha, central secretary information of the party, said that Ch Shujaat contacted Nawaz Sharif through a common friend Dr Tussi, while the PML-N chief was not available for a direct contact with Shujaat. However, Nawaz thanked the PML-Q chief through Dr Tussi for enquiring about his health. Pro-unification leaders in the PML-Q, seeking anonymity, said their party chief made another effort to break the ice between the top leaderships of the two meaningful factions of the Muslim League keeping in view the fast-changing political scenario in which the possibilities of snap polls could not be ruled out. While some PML-Q leaders said that actions of the partys brass were confusing, as on the one hand they consider the PML-N their sworn rival, but on the other, the leadership made efforts to reconcile with the party at a time when the PML-N leadership was in a mood to entertain PML-Q leaderships initiatives. Ch Shujaat also said the PML-Q was contacting other political forces to collectively boycott the joint session. The PML-Q chief didnt disclose the outcome of his contact with JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, but said he sought the JUI-F support for boycotting the upcoming session of the parliament. He said that the PML-Q also contacted MQM chief Altaf Hussain to get his partys support for their plan. Ch Shujaat claimed that the PPP and the PML-N had wasted three months on the drama of the 10-point agenda, while the ruling party in Punjab just added new turncoats to its folds during this period. He claimed that his party will register its protest against the indifferent attitude of the ruling elite on US drone attacks and new taxes, and would boycott the joint session of the parliament. Another report meanwhile said that Altaf and Fazl assured the PML-Q chief of contacting their parties on the issue.