LONDON - The British Ministry of Defence on Sunday confirmed that Royal Air Force Tornado jets have joined in the operation to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya as the international community swung into action against Muammar Gaddafi. The Ministry also confirmed that Stormshadow missiles were launched from Tornado GR4 fast jets in Norfolk and back.As part of a co-ordinated strike, a barrage of 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles was also fired at Libya to knock out the dictator's air defence systems at more than 20 coastal locations. A Royal Navy Trafalgar-class submarine stationed in the Mediterranean took part in the co-ordinated assault, which also involved forces from the US, France, Italy and Canada under the operational control of US Africa Command.The missiles targeted radar systems and ground-to-air missile sites around the cities of Tripoli and Misrata in what was described as "the first phase of a multi-phase operation", clearing the way for allied planes to take control of the skies.