Eventually, Government of Pakistan has succumbed to the US pressure and released Raymond Davis. Though it is said that Davis has paid blood money to the family of victims but this is something that no sane mind can accept. If the families of victims really agreed to accept blood money then they ought to be brought on the screen. We want to hear this thing from them. Currently the families of victims are underground. It is believed that they must have been coerced to accept this deal. This event reflects that we are a slave nation which knows nothing but kowtowing United States. We have allowed an open hand to CIA contractors to roam freely in Pakistan and carry on their destructive tasks. Our government has proved that they only want to please United States and it does not bother them if any Pakistani is murdered in broad daylight. They only want to pocket dollars. Now our President and Prime minister are not worthy of displaying Pakistans flag on their houses and cars because they have sold this flag to United States. BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, March 18.