LONDON - Britains hypocrisy has come into the limelight as fresh questions were raised Saturday night about Labours close links with the Libyan regime and it emerged that Saif Gaddafi was given special assistance by British intelligence agency MI6 while he was a student in London. The move followed a request by Libya, which wanted protection for Colonel Gaddafis playboy second son to support his role as an unofficial negotiator with the British Government. The secret intelligence service agreed to find a police officer who would act as Saif Gaddafis 'point man should his security be threatened. He was also given a secret telephone number to call. The role of MI6 will add to speculation that Tony Blairs Government was prepared to do all that it could to appease the Gaddafi regime. Saif Gaddafi arrived in the UK in the summer of 2002 when he began a one-year Masters course, and then a four-year PhD, at the London School of Economics, which boasts close links to senior figures in the then Labour administration. Former British Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons is on the advisory board of London School of Economics Ideas the arm of the university which teaches international diplomacy along with Jonathan Powell, who was Tony Blairs chief-of-staff.