Swiftly, America has thanked Pakistani people for the release of Raymond Davis, by killing 42 innocent Pakistanis Tribal elders in Wazirstan in its latest drone attack on 17th March 2011. Thank you America, you are doing your best to awaken the conscience of our rulers, but our rulers are fast asleep, totally spineless and beyond redemption. How conveniently most of our top leadership disappeared at the climax of the drama The people are up in revulsion and protest against the rulers, opening the portals of a real danger of destabilisation of our country. But that is exactly what America wants and our government is giving them this chance on a platter. Why our protest against drone attacks is limited to a few simple words; why cant we down all of their drones and register a more forcible protest, a protest which US may find difficult to ignore? And strange stories are circulating on news-channels about how the drama of release of this murderer and espionage agent was choreographed and who benefited and to what extent, how the bereaved families were lifted from their houses, how their signatures were extracted and how a court was opened in a jail in the darkness of night to announce a dubious judgement. And the final development according to news stories is that the money paid to the bereaved families did not come from Raymond Davis, the culprit or from his country the United States, but has been taken out of our national exchequer from our tax-money. DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore, March 18.