The future of Pakistan in the scenario of little progress on mega dams and hurricane speed of Indians to build scores of dams on our Western rivers to steal the show spell a disaster for the national economy. The posterity would accuse our selfish leaders of smaller provinces for scuttling the best project of Kalabagh dam at the altar of political expediency. We would meet the fate of Yemen of Queen Saba where the Sidd-i-Maarib dam was destroyed by Allah Almighty due to disunity between the people of Yemen. Since that time no dam has been successfully built at the site being an accursed site where wrath of Allah had descended once. We in Pakistan are in a similar position as the best site of Kalabagh dam is not being utilized due to disunity of provinces of Pakistan with the visible punishment that awaits us. The potential of hydel energy would remain unlocked due to stubborn attitude of smaller provinces in their sworn enmity to Punjab, which is the bread basket of Pakistan. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, March 18.