The release of US spy Raymond Davis through hastily concluded judicial process and immediate flight out of Pakistan has given rise to strong anti-American, anti-government and anti-establishment sentiments in the country. This shameful retreat by the ruling elite has sent a wave of anguish and disappointment throughout Pakistan and also among two million Pakistanis living abroad. It has raised serious questions about the national security of the seventh nuclear state of the world. This is surely going to affect the war on terror particularly when the Pakistani people received the goodwill gesture from the US within next 24 hours through multiple drone attacks killing 50 innocent persons. This is the price of so-called friendship (more appropriately the unconditional slavery) with the superpower. I really dont find words to condemn murder of three Pakistanis and the overlooking of spying activities during the said case. Are the institutions responsible for our national security so unmindful of the national interest? Even they have maligned the respected judiciary as well. We, the Pakistani community abroad, particularly feel 16th March 2011 a black day like that of 16th December 1971. This incident has dashed the hopes of emergence of an independent sovereign nation. TAHIR MAHMOOD NADEEM, March 19.