JUSTIN Bieber could very well be starring in the next Entourage movie.

Adrian Grenier apparently wants the Baby singer to join the cast for the big screen adaptation of the hit TV show.

Grenier was asked by Hollywood Life who he thought should star in the film. “Can I say Justin Bieber?” he said. “Is that cool? I saw his documentary and thought he was so cool. I think he would be great!”

Meanwhile, Bieber has been reaching out to Will Smith. The singer - who last week was two hours late for a concert, argued with a paparazzo and was hospitalised after being left short of breath during a performance in London - has been getting advice from former child star Will, who’s the father of Justin’s BFF, Jaden Smith.

Justin tweeted on March 10, “love to big man Will Smith for the great talk yesterday. We know the truth and we must stand tall. Love u man! thanks!”

Angie Simpson, 16-year-old Australian singer Cody Simpson’s mom, said: “Will has been helping Justin out a lot, mentoring him and offering him guidance. He’s someone who is used to this level of scrutiny and it has helped having him around. Justin is an adult and has a very strong, loyal and professional team around him, but it is hard for anyone to come under such pressure. Cody is another one of Justin’s opening acts. “You have to look at the people he is hanging out with. They are very distinct from the group of professionals around him, like his manager, who do a terrific job guiding his career and caring for him,” a source added.            –SS