MANDI BAHAUDDIN – Litigants of the district are facing hardships while appearing in special courts established in Gjuranwala and Lahore only.

No special courts of banking, labour, anti-corruption and special judge central have been set up at the district level and the litigants have to travel to the said cities for their cases in these courts. There is only one court of special judge central at Lahore for two divisions namely Lahore and Gujranwala and people of 10 districts have to go to Lahore for their cases in special judge central courts.

Although there a simple solution of this problem available as the punishment of offences that are tried by Special judge Central is not capital (death), therefore all the cases pending in the said court can be tried in the courts of Magistrate Section 30 in the concerned district.

Similarly, all the cases pending in the courts of Special Judge Banking can be tried in the courts of civil judges of 1st class in the concerned district.

Same is the story of special courts of anti–corruption and the labour courts as their cases can also be tried by the magistrate empowered under section 30 in the concerned district.

If this procedure is followed, then all the cases pending in those courts may be transferred to district and sessions judges of concerned districts.

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Otherwise, if the said cases are to be heard only in special courts then a special judge can be appointed in each district for the trail of all the cases of the above mentioned courts.

If the consideration is given to these solutions, it would not only favour the litigants by providing them justice at their doorsteps but will also help to accelerate the judicial process. The social circles including lawyers, members of civil society and ex-servicemen have demanded the govt early consideration and solution of these problems for dispensation of justice.