Parveen Rehman becomes a victim of the ongoing madness and lawlessness. Parveen, the respected social community worker and director of Orangi Pilot Project was gunned down in a militant infested locality in Karachi on Wednesday. Orangi is Asia' largest slum and Parveen dedicated her life for its residents' rehabilitation, documentation of encroached lands, assisting victims of land mafias. Once she said, “All that you can do is kill us, what else can you do?”  And that is exactly what they have done now.

How long it will take for Karachites to realize that their city is in complete control of land grabbers, drugs and weapon dealers and the newly added to this mafias list are the religious extremists and militants. These mafias use ethnic and sectarian cards to advance their nefarious interests.

Lawless Karachi is a dead corpse on which numerous vultures, some wearing political masks for administrative protection, are busy grabbing whatever is left. Karachi appears to be the main loser of the ‘war on terror’, as thousands of religious extremists from the north have made this unfortunate city their base. The step-motherly treatment this city received in last five years wherein government kept busy promoting mafias, or raising their own, has led to all this widespread lawlessness. She was killed in an area which is no-go zone even for Pashtun political workers.

Farida Afridi, Malala Yousif Zai, Parveen Rehman and numerous lady polio health workers are victims of those cowards who are attacking anyone with impunity who does not agree to their ideology or objects to their excesses.


Saudi Arab, March 14.