FAISALABAD - The second International Conference on “Value Addition and Innovation in Textiles” jointly organised by the Higher Education Commission and the Pakistan Science Foundation concluded here on Wednesday.

The conference was hosted by National Textile University, Faisalabad, in collaboration with University of Bolton (United Kingdom) and Marmara University, Turkey. Eminent textile technology experts drawn from U.K. Turkey, Japan, Czech Republic and Pakistan attended the conference.

The international conference recommended that in order to boost the textile exports from Pakistan and earn direly-needed foreign exchange, the new and advanced technology be introduced in Pakistan including the Medi Textile, Geo Textile, and non-woven and energy-related technologies. The speakers were of the opinion that although sufficient measures were being adopted in Pakistan for manifold enhancement of the textile production but the adoption of new technologies was utmost imperative to give further boost to textile industry in Pakistan.

In his address, NTU Rector Dr Niaz Ahmed Akhtar said that the research and development witnessed recently in the textile sector was the major concern of COVITEX. It is an invaluable platform for the researchers of the field and present their research papers about the growing diversity in technology and its range of applications. He said that a number of 37 papers were selected for COVITEX-2013 after shear scrutiny in respect to their importance, validity and reliability. These research papers, the Rector added, encompass most of the conspicuous researches in textile and related technologies, covering the main areas of conventional and Technical Textiles: Non-woven, Fashion Design, Modeling and Simulation, Recycling, Nanotechnologies and Energy conversation.

He thanked all the researchers and the speakers from Pakistan and abroad for their interest in presenting their papers and concern in publishing their research contributions through this platform. He was confident that their contribution would entail a milestone in the textile world. He especially thanked the leading universities of the world for their support and collaboration, especially the University of Bolton, UK; UHA, France, and Marmara University, Turkey for their help organise COVITEX-2013. He also expressed his gratitude to all the members of the event organizers, especially Dr.Rashid Masood, Chief  Organizer, Dr Mumtaz Hassan Malik, Chirman of the Conference, Prof Zafar Jawed, Prof Jawed Iqbal, Mr Zabiullah Khan, Muhammad Bilal and Abid Omer of NTU for their efforts in organising the proceedings of this event. The Rector said that he was especially indebted to HEC and Pakistan Science Foundation for their financial support for holding the COVITEX-2013.

The international conference was addressed by Dr Mehmet Akalin (Turkey) Dr S C Anand Mbe (UK) Dr Salman, Dr Zubair Banduka, Dr Mushtaq Mangat (Czech Republic) Dr Erhan Sancak (Turkey) Dr Mushtafa Sabri Ozen (Turkey) Dr Sheraz Hussain Siddique, Dr Baaljinder Kandola, Dr Gill Smart, Dr Maiwada Salihu, Dr Mohsen Miraftab, Dr Tufail Hussain Shirazi, Dr Muhammad Tausif, DrBrain Macarthy, Dr Ahmet Ozbek, Dr Ismail Usta, Dr Muhammad Sarwar, Dr Zulfiqar Malik, Miss Nergis Bemirel Gultekin, Adnan Mazair (Czech republic) and Dr Zeeshan Khatri (Japan).

In his concluding remarks, chairman of the conference Dr Mumtaz Hassan said that the idea of organising an international conference at NTU was conceived by a group of university faculty members to provide a plate-form to the academia, researchers and technologists to sit together and share their views on advancement made in textile sector.