On March 11, 2013 our National Assembly demanded a new law for the protection of minorities. The demand is valid, but the tragedy is that our ruling elite always enact new laws for political scoring, not for implementing. In Pakistan a new law is made for the enforcement of the existing laws and a new department is created for mitigating corruption in the existing departments. Unfortunately all of them fail to deliver. The reasons behind that are vested interests, nepotism and disregard of merit, political compulsion, incapability and lethargic attitude of our parliamentarians.

In the last five years of this government thousands of people lost their lives due to drone attacks, bomb blasts, target killing, sectarian disorder, poor law and order situation and bad governance. Article 8 to 25 of the constitution of Pakistan 1973 provides fundamental rights to all the citizens of Pakistan regardless of their religion, sect, caste, creed, color and even gender. Besides the supreme law of the land, special laws and acts are also available, what we lack is the implementation of the laws. And in the reign of this politically elected and democratic government, I have never ever seen any parliamentarian, except a few, seriously talking about the violation of the special laws, general laws, and even the violation of the articles of the fundamental rights.

Now they cannot exploit the people of Pakistan by merely chanting slogans about new laws. If they want to be a part of the Parliament again they will have to deliver. In these elections a silent revolution will be brought through the vote and neither the ‘new law’ nor the political slogans will be able to save the corrupt and inept politicians. Our government must form an impartial commission for probing Badami Bagh arson case, and the arsonists and instigators should be punished according to the law. That is sufficient to curb such attacks in the future.


Lahore, March 12.