KARACHI - PML-N, PML-F, NPP, PML-Likeminded and other opposition parties have rejected nomination of Justice (r) Zahid Qurban Alvi, alleging that Alvi is supporter of the ruling PPP and his nomination as CM is a pre-poll rigging.

They said that PPP and MQM nominated a caretaker CM under a plot to rig the poll which will never be accepted.

The PML-F’s parliamentary leader in the Sindh Assembly Jam Madad Ali also rejected the nomination of the Zahid Qurban Alvi as caretaker CM, announcing that his party will, along with opposition parties, challenge the nomination of caretaker CM in the court.

Meanwhile, the chief of PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif talked with the secretary general of PML-F Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh on phone and apprised him of caretaker chief minister appointment as highly objectionable. PML-N chief Nawaz Sahrif assured Imtiaz Sheikh for all out cooperation in this regard.

PML-F leader Imtiaz Shaikh said appointment of Zahid Qurban Alvi would be challenged in court very soon with evidences.

He said our doubts about the government are now being strengthened and now appointment of Alvi has become doubtful.  PML-F leader termed Alvi’s appointment as caretaker cm with an alleged collusion of so called opposition. He appealed to chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the appointment of caretaker chief minister in Sindh and bring a neutral person.

Meanwhile, PML-Likeminded parliamentary leader in the Sindh Assembly Abdul Razak Rahimon rejecting the appointment of Alvi alleged that he is the supporter of the ruling PPP.

He said that Alvi remained associated with the ruling PPP as opposition parties will devise joint strategy against his appointment as caretaker CM.

He said that elections would not be held in fair and free manner in presence of Alvi and handpicked caretaker cabinet.

NPP’s parliamentary leader Masroor Jatoi said that opposition parties suggested names but MQM’s opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly didn’t forward these to the chief minister of Sindh.

Meanwhile, the other Opposition and nationalist parties including Jamaat-e-Islami, Sindh United Party of Jalal Shah, Qaumi Awami Tehreek of Ayaz Latif Palijo and Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party of Dr Qadir Magsi have also rejected nomination of Alvi as caretaker cm, supporting the point of view of the other opposition parties to challenge it in the court.

All the opposition parties termed the nomination of the Alvi as a plan of pre-poll rigging.

Meanwhile, the additional secretaries, deputy secretaries and section officers from grade 17 to 19 officers and lower staff of Sindh government on Wednesday took out a protest rally against recently passed law out of turn promotions, absorption of officers and rehiring of the retired officers on contract basis.

The male and female officers while taking banners and placards in their hands chanted slogans, terming the recently passed bills as black laws and murder of merits.

Officers of Sindh government including Shireen Narejo, Abdul Aleem Shaikh, Ashfaque Soomro, Anjum Fatima, Rafia Haleem and other officers from grade 17 to 19 including Additional Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and Section Officers took part in the protest rally.

The protesting officers said that out of turn promotions are violation of laws and murder of the merit as eligible officers would not be able to get promotion due to nepotism practice of democratic government and promotion to certain officers on favouritism basis.

They said that the genuine officers would not get postings due to recently law of absorption passed by the Sindh Assembly, under which employees of the PSC could be absorbed in the Sindh secretariat and other outsiders. Through the law, the employees of other organisations were brought on deputation in the bureaucracy and subsequently absorbed and even given promotions, they said, adding this is practice will block the promotions of the officers of Secretariat group.

They said that they will take out a rally from Sindh Secretariat to the Supreme Court today on Thursday against the recently passed black laws.