PESHAWAR - Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) Justice Dost Mohammad Khan Wednesday vowed to escort the enquiry of terrorist attack on Judicial Complex and this would be the first case of terrorism in which the mastermind would be brought to justice.

He said this while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Radio Mezan here at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy on Wednesday. Director General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy Hayat Ali Shah, Station Director Muhammad Amir Nazir, Justice, chairman Journalism Department Dr Shah Jehan and administrative staff of Peshawar High court were present on the occasion.

Addressing on the occasion, Chief Justice Dost Mohammad Khan said that media had played a significant role for the restoration of an independent judiciary in the country.

He said that it was his dream to have an FM channel to inform the masses regarding their rights and duties.

“Since the restoration of judiciary and democracy in the country, the media has gained significant importance and with the grace of Allah Almighty, today we see an independent judiciary, a vibrant media and democracy in the country,” he added.

Referring to the current situation of the country, he mentioned that today they were confronted with extremely challenging environment.

He said in extreme compulsion, the judiciary had to interfere in the administrative affairs aimed at saving the country. He said judiciary had foiled many attempts to postpone elections. 

“We are concerned about the existence of sate. Let the masses elect honest candidates to protect it,” he said, adding the survival of state was attached with the survival of democracy,” he explained.

He said that media’s role was not only informing the masses but also to educate them to make Pakistan a civilized nation of the world. He stated that society would be changed through media, which played the role of torch-bear to shine the four corners of the country.

He said that this radio had not been launched for commercial purposes but to educate the masses regarding their legal rights and human rights issues. 

“Today we have materialised our dream by gifting a guiding FM channel to the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he added.

He said that the days were far when each Pakistani would be given due respect both in the country and abroad and through the rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution the system would be refined.

He also announced that after acquiring funds, they would also install Mezan Television in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy. He thanked the labourers, officers and administrative staff for working day and night to establish this academy for a noble cause. 

He also stressed the government to provide full proof security to judges, Lawyers in all the district courts of the country and increased the number of police contingent to foil any attack against judiciary.

Addressing on the occasion, Station Director Muhammad Amir Nazir highlighted the objectives of the Meezan Radio. He said that Radio had finally started its broadcast with the mission to educate and sensitize the masses especially the weaker and downtrodden segments of the society about their fundamental human rights and also to impart distant learning to those related to justice sector.

He said that being the station director the task for establishing Radio Meezan at the academy premises was though a gigantic mission however attained in the shortest span of three months.