PESHAWAR - Awami National Party (ANP) Senator Haji Adeel has donated a sum of Rs50 million for the up-gradation and construction of state-of- the-art dressing room at the main cricket ground of the University of Peshawar (UoP).

This he announced while inaugurating the Jibran Adeel Memorial Auditorium at Hakeem Abdul Jalil Nadvi Sports Complex UoP ON Wednesday.

The auditorium has been constructed at an estimated cost of around 14 million rupees from the fund of Senator Adeel and comprise of a spacious hall for accommodating 250 people at a time and five rooms for the sports officials.

Addressing on this occasion, Haji Adeel said making a suicide bomber for killing innocent people was not jihad, adding the real jihad was to save humanity and spread the light of education for a bright future of a country.

He said that the militants were against education and health system and did not want a healthy and progressive society.

“This is the reason that they target polio workers and educational institutions across the province and tribal areas,” he added.

He said that main objective of his government was to promote education.

He said that it is true that there were some drawbacks in government but comparatively it had spent more amount on education.

He believed that it was the local government job to spend money on the development projects. He explained that ANP government has conducted record development projects on the basis of which they will seek votes from the voters in the upcoming elections.

He alleged that Peshawar High Court had encroached upon the government land and made a car parking lot.

He claimed that he had retrieved one kanal land for making an institute for the development of fine arts and cultural learning education.

He urged the young generation to take active part in the sports activities because it was not only better for good health but also for their bright future. 

“When the youth are taking part in the sports activities, burden on our hospitals will be reduced to a great extent,” said Vice chancellor University of Peshawar Dr Muhammad Rasul Jan.

“The youth needs to participate in all sorts of sports but they have to keep a balance between education and sports,” he further said.

The Vice Chancellor thanked Senator Adeel for his financial contribution to University of Peshawar especially for provision of funds for University of Peshawar College for Boys.

APP adds: Senior Vice President, Awami National Party, Senator Haji Adeel here Wednesday expressed optimism that parliamentary committee will smoothly solve the issue of caretaker Prime Minister.

The ANP leader said the parliamentary committee compromising on eight highly seasoned politicians would hopefully address the issue of caretaker Prime Minister as per the expectations of the nation.

He said members of the committee including Syed Khursheed Shah, Ch. Shujaat Hussain, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour,  Farooq H Naeek, Parvez Rasheed, Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, Sardar Yaqub Nasir and Saad Rafiq all are highly experienced politicians and hopefully will evolve consensus on a single name for the prestigious office of caretaker Prime Minister in the stipulated time.

In case the committee did not agree on a single name for Caretaker PM slot, he said constitution is very clear on this issue and Election Commission of Pakistan would take a final decision in this regard.

 He said the nation was now looking towards parliamentary committee.

Haji Adeel said completion of five years tenure of the parliament was a great victory of democracy that will further strengthen democratic system in Pakistan.

The ANP leader said it was the responsibility of Election Commission of Pakistan being an independent organization to conduct free, fair and transparent election while Caretaker government will ensure level playing fields and security to all political parties during general elections.

He lauded former Chief Minister KPK Amir Haider Khan Hoti and Opposition leader, Akram Durrani for taking the lead by smoothly addressing the issue of caretaker Chief Minister by nominating a highly respectable and neutral personality, Justice  Tariq Pervez for the office of caretaker CM.

He said ANP has not yet made pre-election alliance with any political party and will take every decision with mutual consensus keeping in view the ground realities.