Punjab Minister for Cooperatives Malik Muhammad Iqbal Channar visited several areas of Cholistan including Derawar Fort, Kher Sar, Bijnot, Nawankot and Chachran and examined the situation. He also met with the residents of these areas.

In a statement after the visit to Cholistan here on Thursday, the provincial minister claimed that people used to migrate traditionally according to their weather change and in the current situation of Cholistan health of residents of the area and their livestock was satisfactory and there is no danger of any contagious disease breakout.

He said that under the supervision of the Bahawalpur Commissioner, the Cholistan Development Authority organised a four free medical camps to provide medical facilities to the residents and cattle in different areas. He said that free medical assistance and medicine were being provided to people while for the protection against the diseases, vaccination was being carried out of livestock.

He said that due to the lack of rainfall there was a shortage of water in tobas. However, there is water available in the wells and people are using these wells to get water for themselves and their livestock.

He said that Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif was taking special interest for the development of Cholistani and various welfare projects were being initiated to improve living standards in the area.

Cholistan water is being provided with water through a 360-km long supply pipeline and funds are also released for the repair and maintenance of the pipeline at some locations.