LAHORE - ChenOne put their best foot forward once again with their exclusive fashion show on Thursday. This event brought the fashion retail chain forward with exhibits that instantly clicked with the crowd as country’s top models walked down the ramp. The range included summer 2014 collection. Moreover it also exhibited ChenOne’s dazzling line of PreEnd and Pareesa, Damask, Ci.Gi, PrettyFit and Bonita.

Danish Ambassadors Jesper Moller Sorensen, Mian Habibullah from Cyprus Consulate, PreEnd CEO Clemens Preben and Qasim Zia also graced the occasion with their presence.

ChenOne CEO Mian M Kashif Ashfaq stressed that such events are a breath of fresh air and ChenOne would keep exhibiting their best work so that people from all over country can stay in tune with the latest trends in international fashion. “ChenOne stands for quality and the whole chain will keep providing excellence,” he held. The international brands introduced in the fashion show are a true testimony of ChenOne vision, he added.