An analyst on a TV show said that he did not approve the way the nurses were being treated, but he also did not approve of the way these nurses had treated their patients, I could not agree more with him. I am reminded of my experience with CMH Rawalpindi, many years ago. During Ayub Khan’s period one felt as if one had walked into a hospital in UK, but during the Bhutto period one immediately knew that one was in Pakistan.

A Pakistan where discipline had been thrown out of the window, not only in the hospitals but everywhere else, and for every one person who worked there were four or more who did not work at all. This was the new work ethics. We are still suffering from the fall out of those populist policies but there are those who are ever ready to defend the un-defendable. They even oppose the present government’s efforts to make some sense out of the nonsense that the public sector enterprises have become. Will we ever get out from under Bhutto’s shadow?


Lahore, March 17.