ISLAMABAD- Chairman PTI Imran Khan today sent a special message for March 22, 2014 International Water Day.

He demanded, the government should act on an emergency basis for water conservation, as Pakistan is a water-stressed area on the world water map and unless we act fast we could face a dire water shortage. Khan reminded that "we have water storage capacity for only 30days and the kharif crop suffers every year." Chairman PTI said it was failure of the state that today clean drinking water is available to only 37 percent of the population and 250,000 children die every year from water borne diseases. There are yearly epidemics of gastroenteritis in the summer. Additionally, with no check on pollution, 98 percent of industries throw their effluents into the waterways untreated. Khan also pointed to the inadequacy of the Indus Water Treaty and called on the government to take up water sharing issues with not only India but also Afghanistan and safeguard Pakistan's interests. Khan felt that water is going to the new global conflict issue and Pakistan needed to have a viable and clear cut water policy which it must operationalise within the country as well as with neighbours.