ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Football Association (IFA) has planned to hold secret scrutiny to get rid of opposing clubs and the interesting thing to be noted in the entire process was that the IFA didn't bother to inform affiliated clubs about the scrutiny and not even issued any notice in this regard.

The sources have conformed to this scribe that the IFA top brass, who have been facing tough criticism from majority of the clubs because they have been openly violating the Supreme Court directives regarding two-term restrictions, have decided to scrape such clubs who are opposing them and convened a secret meeting of like-minded clubs and asked them to keep quite. The sources confirmed that meeting would take place on March 22 at a secret place.

The sources further said that at one hand, the IFA had not issued any directives of the meeting but under the table, the blue-eyed clubs were told to attend the proposed meeting.

When contacted Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) secretary Col (r) Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi and director clubs Col (r) Farasat Ali Shah to seek their point of view, both of them denied any such instructions were issued by the federation.

“We have not still decided to start scrutiny of the affiliated clubs, so there is no question of issuing any directives. When we will decide about conducting scrutiny, we will have informed at least two weeks in advance as per set criteria and then start the scrutiny process,” they added.

Instead of working for the promotion of football and facilitate the affiliated clubs, the IFA is rather busy in creating one after another hurdle in smooth functioning of the clubs. They have well passed their tenure according to Supreme Court directives and 2005 Sports Policy, but they are not in a mood to vacate their positions and are creating hurdles in implementation of SC orders in true letter and spirit.

The time is ripe when the PFF president must take notice of illegal activities of the IFA and ensure merit prevail in all walks of life. The IFA top brass must be shown the door and its fresh elections must be announces which will provide the deserving persons an opportunity to promote football rather than personal projection.