ISLAMABAD- Supreme Court (SC) has ordered for arranging meeting of Tasif Malik missing person with his family members in separation on March 26, 2014.

The court has also directed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government to arrange medical check up of Tasif Malik, and submit report thereof to it on March 27, 2014. Justice Nasir ul Mulk has remarked “constitution and law don’t impose bar on meeting between the detained persons and their family members. The wife of Tasif Malik should not be embarrassed and her meeting with her husband be ensured at every cost. Protecting freedom of citizens is responsibility of state."

He gave these remarks while presiding over a three-member bench of SC during the course of hearing of Tasif Malik missing person case here today. Justice Ejaz Chaudhry remarked “intelligence agencies have been lying with us for two years and even then person has been recovered from them." Inam ur Rahim counsel for Dr Abida Malik wife of Tasif Malik told the court “Tasif Malik health condition is looking worse. His meeting with his family members is not being arranged in separation. It will be better if court seeks Tasif Malik medical report."
The court will order for arranging Tasif Malik meeting with his wife and father in law, arranging his medical check up and presentation of this report before it adjourned the hearing of the case till March 27, 2014.