Berlin -A Dutch man has been hailed Europe’s most virile man after his charitable sperm donating led him to father 98 children.

Ed Houben started out in 2002 donating sperm to a sperm bank but now donates the ‘natural’ way God intended, he says. Mr Houben was a virgin until the age of 34 but is now thought to be the most prolific charitable sperm donor in the world.

He helps couples and single women with fertility problems to have children free of charge. He adds: ‘People probably think “oh, he has sex without responsibility” but usually I’m the only person people can talk to if it doesn’t work’. His latest child, number 98, is Madita. Her mother is a 28-year-old nursery nurs. She explains they got to know each other beforehand. For couples where there are husbands in tow, he explains: ‘They are beyond these feelings of “ooh there’s a stranger sleeping with my wife”. ‘He also keeps a list of mothers and children to try and reduce the risk of any mix-ups or interbreeding in the future. 

‘If, later on, one of my children meets someone who doesn’t know who his natural father is, he can consult this list,’ he says. He has sown his seed around the globe but usually waits for women to come to him these days at his home in Maastricht, although he still makes exceptions if his partners are entering a particularly fertile period. Provided they pay his travelling expenses and accommodation. His ‘family’ lives in cities like Berlin - three children - and in Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and even New Zealand.