Our government imposed moratorium on death penalty under EU pressure but lifted it only after APS tragedy, apparently under army pressure. It means other killings did not justify a death penalty? Government is also shaken up by some dozen tweets and demonstration by a few so-called liberal and human rights champion called civil society. It means views of the rest who do not tweet or demonstrate can be ignored. Obviously, Parliament is also ignored. Pertinent to mention here that justice must be done to Shafqat Hussain, but why has age become an issue at this stage? Was not his age visible to the judge at the beginning of the trial and what was the age given in the testimonials? He does not look like a 24 year old young boy but a much older man. I am sure the judge must have considered his age. It appears as if now our courts have become a mockery and advocates who plead concerned ministry and finally the President as well is in the joke! Our government must decide whether to serve the people according to Holy Qur'an and country's laws or under pressure from EU or other pressure groups?


Rawalpindi, March 19.