It seems that our society is becoming crueler because there are ample incentives for callousness and cruelty but only harassment and humiliation for the decent, hardworking and honest people. Where ever it is essential to apply sanctions, they should be done uniformly and impartially, against all government servants, who break the codes of ethics, it also pays to extend incentives to the good performers. Incentives need not be material benefits or cash rewards as a letter of commendation can also work wonders. Those who have had experience of working in the public sector organisations are aware that good performers are never rewarded.

When government servants realise that it does not pay to be a hard worker then they have no motivation to maintain a good record, but who cares, people come and go, earn prized positions, fatten up their own pockets, enhance PR at the cost of national exchequer, but never bother with those who are dedicated and honest.


Islamabad, March 18.