MQM confronted existential challenges after the Rangers raid and this has provided them an opportunity to reinvent and reform their political strategy and policy of ballot and bullet, general perception, that MQM’s main concerns is focused on Urdu specking and whenever under pressures they play the ‘Muhajir’ card as the PPP has been playing Sindhi card.

Altaf Husain has been controlling his political party from UK and workers are told they have to obey him blindly. I wrote to Altaf Husain requesting him to change the name of Mohajir Qaumi Movement in 1985, because the manifesto of MQM is the voice of all the lower and middle class and he could have had a foot in the rest of the country. As MQM never changed its organisation’s structure, like other political parties, which have office bears such as a President, Vice President, General Secretary and similar set up in Provinces they did not grow. I hope he will consider my request, by appointing office bears for a year and then elect them.


Lahore, March 18.