Shoaib Akhtar loses his cool

Working as a guest expert, Shoaib Akhtar lost his cool with the anchor on live TV. As the camera panned back to the guests after a break, the host stifled a laugh as ‘Mauka Mauka’ blared in the background. Clearly irritated with the scoff or sarcastic laughter, former speedster questioned why the host laughed as the jingle played. “I have been called here to do the analysis of the game so kindly stick to that. You are sitting here to ask my opinion or ridicule me? You can't call me to the studio and make fun of me," Shoaib said.

Shafqat left 'deeply hurt'

After Shafqat Amanat Ali's unfortunate goof-up during Pakistan's national anthem on Saturday's dramatic Pak vs Ind World T20 clash, the singer took to Twitter to express his disappointment over fans' displeasure at his lacklustre performance. Shafqat denied forgetting the lyrics to the national anthem, saying: "I admit there were a few audio and technical glitches that may have sounded like lyrical errors... But I assure you that I had by no means 'forgotten' our beloved Qaumi Tarana." "I see that many of you... believe I owe you an apology," he said, adding he was "deeply hurt by the little faith that my fellow Pakistanis have in me".

Broken hearts and broken TV sets

In yet another predictable cricket showdown, Pakistan n Saturday lost to traditional rivals India at the World T20 in Kolkata. Pakistan came to Eden Gardens with the hope of smashing their world cup jinx against India, but the only thing that broke was people’s television sets. While the Pakistani female squad was victorious over their Indian counterparts, the men in green once again faltered against MS Dhoni’s side. The cricket-mad neighbours, who have gone to war three times since independence, share one of the world’s fiercest sporting rivalries and their rare showdowns on the pitch can bring both to a standstill.