Former MQM leader and Raabta Committee Member Anees Advocate has joined Mustafa Kamal’s political party, Waqt News reported.

“Mustafa Kamal has shown great courage in this time of fear,” Anees Advocate said while talking to the media.

While addressing the press conference he said he knew three years ago that a time will come when a strong voice will rise against Altaf Hussain’s cruelty. “It was not easy for me. I had put my conscience aside,” he said. “I believed that there will be strong opposition against the Pharos of the time.”

“The things said by Mustafa Kamal are nothing new. It was just that no one was ready to speak out,” he said. “His first press conference finished the atmosphere of fear.”

Anees said while working for Altaf Hussain for almost three decades, he responded to every call, stood by him through all hard times. “But Altaf Hussain has destroyed the name of Muhajirs,” he said. “Almost 20,000 young boys gave their lives for him but

Altaf could not establish even a single union council in response to these sacrifices.”

Anees said Altaf Hussain has done nothing for Muhajirs. “They are standing nowhere in Pakistan. They are being called RAW agents,” he said.

“Altaf Hussain is becoming lonely with every passing day, as sensible persons are leaving him,” he said. “Allah does not like pride.”

The former MQM leader claimed Altaf Hussain has broken the trust of his workers. He added that he is ready to face the consequences of his sins.

“Altaf Hussain still has time to straighten himself and do something for Muhajirs,” Anees said. “MQM is losing its ground slowly and if they do not do anything, they will lose their whole territory.”

“If Altaf Hussain loves Pakistan, he should come back.”