Islamabad - Member National Assembly (MNA) Romina Khursheed Alam yesterday underlined the need for creating awareness among womenfolk about health issues for the development of a healthy society.

“There is a need to keep women aware on their health issues, especially for mothers. Female parliamentarians are working on legislation on nutrition value of women as it is considered as need of the hour,” she stated while talking to APP.

“Representation of women in every sphere of society and field can be possible only when they are in good health,” she remarked. The health issues of women, she said need to be highlighted through various programmes most importantly for rural women to bring improvement in their health.

MNA Romina Khurshid Alam is also the member of various committees related to National Commission on Status of Women, Climate Change, Women Education, Health and Non-Muslims Parliamentary Caucus said, “We are working to launch some projects that can benefit the health of the women in the country. We have a high representation of women in our parliament comparatively to that of many developed countries and we are definitely focusing on women and making legislation to empower them in diverse fields.”

Women parliamentarians focused on working women to provide them their due rights in terms of health, education, job opportunities and empowerment.

Parliamentarians are also focusing on women education that was ultimately connected to their empowerment in terms of getting better job opportunities, exploring leadership skills, highlighting issues and equal rights for them.

Romina said that National Commission on Status of Women (NCSW) was playing role in examine policies, programmes, review laws, rules and regulations affecting the status of women. While Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) were active to participate in any activity that bring women in the mainstream, she said.

“Since there is lack of Vitamin D in women, we are working to establish good system of health, especially for those who give birth to babies and usually they do not take care of their diet plans,” she said.