By Shumail Hassan (Islamabad)

Sitting on the curb, thinking of the meal which he hadn’t taken for two long days! It seemed as if he was not there mentally. He might have lived hungry for many other days. He had to buy medicine for his daughter, who had gotten a high-grade fever. But one who is unable to buy eatables can’t afford these ‘pills of life’. He, still in the frenzied state was met by a beggar on the street. Baba G, the beggar had two pieces of bread and after having fed him with those, Baba asked him about his enigma. The man with his pale face tried to conceal his condition and was reluctant to describe the thing. But the baba being the man of great sagacity, envisaged all that matter. Baba talked to him gently and questioned him about how his life was going. He had become an introvert that he feared to share his matter with the baba. Perplexed, he started in low spirits. He had waded through the ocean of gloom that life was just a murky thing. He didn’t know what to do but now he had come across his spiritual mentor who pacified him and with soothing words guided him to avoid the down-heartedness. He gathered hope and confidence, stood up, labored and earned for his child and better-half.

Now, what was the thing that changed this man? It was “Hard work”. Just crush the apprehensions, become the daredevil, take the fortune in your own hands and let others be guided by you. Becoming great is not a virtue, it’s for yourself only. Live for others and make your life. The hard work would be our talisman in changing the world. Be the leaders and leaders never fall prey to ruination. The continuous efforts and the untiring struggle would lead us towards the success. Let’s hope for the better Pakistan and give your best on your part for Pakistan by following its rules and by loving it. All you can do is to become responsible citizens of the state.

Published in Young Nation on March 19, 2016