By Nomair Yawar Bhatti

 “A locked wooden box… a locked wooden box…” my mouth murmured as I was searching for it.

 A week had passed by since me and my friend Alex were living on that island, I still remember that day when our ship was devastated by the hostile waves and we two were the only survivors that somehow managed to reach that island. The day we landed on that island, we both went searching the island for some food when our eye caught sight of a very old person, we hastened towards him and anticipated that he was about to die. He was trying to say something but could not express it properly and so I brought my ear near to him to listen what he wanted to say.

“A wooden box…diamonds…locked.” Gibbered the old man and died the next instant.

“He was trying to tell us something, Alex!” I exclaimed.

“You are right.” said Alex

From that day me and Alex were in search of that box but were futile in finding that. At last we had given up finding that box and decided to leave the island and began the construction of a small boat by collecting wood and tying it with thick ropes found from the island. After a lot of hard work our boat was ready and then it was time to go home but who knew what was coming next. The weather had become amusing with the wind passing by and some drops of rainfall. I carried on and was moving in the island to call Alex to get ready for home when I tripped and fell down, I turned back and was astounded. It was the wooden box half buried in the sand with some of it protruding out. I took it out forcefully and saw it was open. I was taken aback when I saw a gun in it, I took out its magazine and a bullet fell down out of it. To my surprise under that bullet were shiny pure diamonds, I took them out and dipped them into my pocket. My eyes immediately glistened in delight.

“So you found it?” Alex asked.

I turned around and saw Alex already standing behind me but what I saw my eyes could not believe. He was holding a gun in his hand.

“I found that wooden box and buried it under the sand but perhaps the wind destroyed my plan as it wiped away some sand with it.”  said Alex.

“Hurry give me the diamonds or I will have to kill you!” exclaimed Alex.

“How could you do this Alex?” I said as tears trickled down my eyes.

He had betrayed me. The wooden box was still in my hands. I thought for a moment and then smacked the wooden box straight at Alex and the gun fell down from his hand, I rushed and grabbed that gun before Alex and getting nervous I fired at Alex’s forehead. He was on the ground the next second, blood could be seen seeping out with great speed. I ran towards him as I had done something I was not willing to do and saw that the impact of the bullet had laid him to rest. I placed his head in my arms and cried but the rain hid my tears. After all he was one of my best friends. Despairingly, I dragged him with me towards the boat and we left the island to go back home. I took him with me to bury that dead mass soul in my city so I could visit him as I forgave him for what he did but some answers to my questions had faded away with him. I could not explain my feelings at that moment and had completely broken up from inside because I had lost someone very precious…

Published in Young Nation on March 12, 2016