Doctors of public sector hospitals particularly Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) are looting the patients at their private health facilities by remaining absent from the government hospitals during their duty hours.

The doctors’ absence in the Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) and emergency unit has become usual. In Bahawalpur Medical Colony, Trust Colony, Muhammdia Colony, Noor Mehal Road, Model Town along with other areas, the doctors have established their private clinics where they are looting people with both hands.

Meanwhile, they are found absent from their duties in the government hospitals as they deal with the patients during their duty hours from 9am to 12pm at their private clinics. At their private clinics, the doctors remain so busy that patients have to take tokens and wait for days for their turn while around Rs600 to Rs1,000 fee is paid by each patient.

Citizens including Shabeer Ahmed Khan, Asim, Qasim, Syed Mohsin and Kashif demanded that Punjab chief minister and secretary health should take action against the doctors and enforce reforms at Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur.