LAHORE - Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited’s (SNGPL) anti-theft teams caught the gas theft of Rs.2.6 billion in Lahore region between Jan 2015 and Jan 2016.

“The task force of SNGPL, Lahore traced 1202 suspected meters, removed 213 domestic, 41 commercial and two bypasses from industry,” said the company spokesman. He added, “Similarly it also dismantled 67 un-authorised networks/ extensions and also disconnected 20 networks for pressure enhancement.”

He further said the task force removed 92 fake domestic meters and five commercial. “It also removed 2101 service valves, 589 service lines and 50 meters for violation of the contract,” the spokesman said, adding, “The force also visited 10806 consumer's sites during the aforesaid period and caught theft of 7059 million cubic feet.”

The areas in which operations were carried out were Jauhar Town, Nawabpura, Bhombay Jugiyan, Ali Alam Housing, Al-Rahman Garden, Muneer Garden, Al-Ahmad Garden, Iqbal Colony, Shadiwal, Ali Town, Shareefpura Band Road, Jamil Pind, Bedian Road, Canal Bank, Afshan Park, Ismail Park, Taj Colony, Shah Di Khui, Darogewala, Manawan, Pattoki and Kasur.

Members of the team were Yousaf Zakir (Executive Engineer), supervisor of the operation, Chaudhry Sharafat Ali (Distribution Officer), Saleemullah Khan (Distribution Officer), Bazeed Khan (Distribution Officer), Ameen Khan (Distribution Officer), Moeenul Haq Alvi (SAE), Saif-ur-Rahman (SAE), Rizwan Ali Haider (Sub Engineer), Rasheed Ahmed (S Supervisor), Raja Moazzam (Supervisor), Asif Awan (Supervisor), Naseem Kokab (Supervisor), Meraj Khan (Supervisor), Umer Tariq (Supervisor), Iftikhar Arshad (Fitter), Faheem Awa (Fitter), Rafaqat Butt (Sub-Engineer), Muneer Khan (Sub-Engineer), Shahzad Ahmed, Aurangzeb Awan (Welder), M Khalid (Welder), Naseer Ahmed (Welder) and M Sabir (Welder).