Syria has really twisted into an international quagmire due to being the epicentre of intercontinental interests. USA and major European countries are financing and arming the Kurdish parties of which Turkey is complainant. The US and EU intend to have an independent Kurdish state keeping Turkish interests at bay. This divergent stance will further perturb Turkey which has also developed hostile relations with Russia. The flooded refugees are pouring all the neighbouring countries including the European. In Syria, Saudi Arabia is pressing High Negotiations Committee based on Syrian opposition parties to get implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 to ceasefire in the civilian areas but in the meanwhile it is lavishly attacking on the poor Yemenis as well. They are supporting a dictator in Yemen when most of the country population has rejected him. They are forcefully making him the legitimate president. Syria has also almost the same situation. A chunk of country population is against him. But here the Saudi alliance is arming the differed population against the president. Are national interests meant hypocrisy and double standards? This chaotic world is due to these bloody poltergeist and rogue states.

All anti Assad forces have played key role in creating and arming ISIS and other militant groups like Al-Nusra Front. In the disguise of fighting against ISIS, they actually are trying to oust Assad. They are also arming other mild militant groups against Syrian government. If this is the course then why do they object and level blame on Pakistan for its policy of good and bad Taliban? A terrorist is good because he is playing in your hands and he is bad because he has known your weak points and has gained enough strength in his feathers to challenge you. Make a group, use it and then let it spread barbarism. The social analysis of the most of the militant groups shows that they were either forced to create or they were created for some specific nasty objectives. The proxy wars are fought on the shoulders of such groups.

Saudi Arabia has formulated a 34 members’ alliance explicitly to fight against the ongoing terrorism. This alliance is presently about to run military exercises with reportedly 350000 soldiers, 20000 tanks, 2450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters. Reports of the credible research institutions show that most of the worldwide funding to the terrorists, extremists and non-state actors including ISIS is majorly given by Saudi Arabia and its other allies. Most of the terrorists around the globe have both ideological and financial lineage with the Gulf States.


Jhang, February 24.