KARACHI - The newly-formed political alliance, Aam Loeg Ittehad (ALI), flexed its muscles here on Monday and warned that status would not be allowed to continue in the city and big fish of the corruption mafia would be exposed.

The ALI held its first rally in Korangi, which has hitherto been considered a stronghold of another political party. However, a large number of people attended the gathering and reposed confidence in the new alliance which is being hailed as a wind of change for the Karachiites.

Addressing the rally, ALI chief Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed said that both the federal and provincial governments had formed a nexus to tamper with the results of the ongoing national census so that the present status quo could be maintained.  He asked people to become aware of this conspiracy now and feel their responsibility for ensuring transparency of the census.

“They should play their due role in this regard and protest when they see any attempt at manipulation of the process, he said, and added, “After coming to power, we will provide best education, healthcare and job facilities to the poor masses of Pakistan and bring a green revolution in every town and village.”

Justice Wajihuddin further said that ALI promised 100 percent jobs for the masses. “We will collect full tax from the elite class. We will recover and bring back the looted money of Pakistan stashed in foreign bank accounts. We will provide best education, healthcare and public transport facilities to the masses,” he expressed the resolve.

He said if the alliance came to power, the bureaucrats, ministers and senior government officers would be bound to send their children to Pakistani schools and seek treatment from the Pakistani government hospitals. “We will protect every drop of our water,” he vowed.

He emphasised that every Pakistani; irrespective of he or she held a CNIC or not, should be counted in the census.

Wajihuddin further said that it was the right of people to stage peaceful protests against tampering with the census data.

He exhorted people to raise voice against the excesses being committed by the government against them.

Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor said the alliance would recover each and every penny of the national wealth that was looted and transferred out of Pakistan.

He said that the corrupt rulers had made the Pakistanis a nation of beggars in the name of Benazir Income Support Programme. “Daily currency notes of Rs6billion are printed to support the falling economy,” he said, and added, “But this excessive currency only increases inflation and price hike.”

He strongly condemned the ‘failed’ economic policies of the sitting government and demanded that it should focus on job increase and poverty reduction

Pasban-e-Pakistan General Secretary Usman Moazzam, veteran politician Azhar Jameel, Pasban Karachi President Abdul Hakim Quaid, General Secretary Sardar Zulfiqar and others also spoke on the occasion.