ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan No 1 Aamir Atlas Khan says he and his brother Danish are willing to represent Pakistan again if the PSF addresses their genuine concerns and gives them due respect.

Talking to The Nation on Monday, Aamir said the recent changes in the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) top command were quite heartening and might pave way to not only his but other players return to Pakistan and international squash as well. “I returned home to represent my department Wapda in the National Team Championship in Karachi, where I once again proved that despite getting step-motherly treatment, I am still at the top of my game and can beat any given opponent.” Aamir defeated bright future of Pakistan squash Israr Ahmed in straight games in the said event.

Aamir said when he was flying high, scaling one after another milestone, reaching new heights in the PSA rankings and was about to touch top 10 in the world, he was given the bashing of his life, when the PSF, without any reason and evidence, just implemented unjustified ban on him, which killed his professional career. “I was left with no other option, but to wait till my ban gets over and that ban didn’t finish my career, hopes of my family, but Pakistan squash badly suffered from that ban.

“I never looked back and started it all over again and once again managed to win Asian Senior Individual title after 15 years long and hard wait, but once again, I was mistreated by the federation, which left me with no other option but to quit Pakistan and settle down abroad. I had lucrative offers from across the globe, and I was also offered many nationalities, but I always declined then, because I just want to represent my country. I am super fit and still have a lot of squash left in him,” he added.

Aamir said termed appointment of senior vice president a positive step taken by the PSF chief. “In my personal opinion, he should have taken these steps much earlier. Only seasoned Farhan Mehboob was left to carry national flag while all those, who enjoyed the federations’ full-fledge support, failed to deliver. I still believe Farhan Mehboob, Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Zaman, Danish and I can form a highly formidable team, which can beat any given opponent at any given court. We beat all top players in the past and won a number of team and individual titles and if PSF trusts in us, Pakistan squash can win a great number of titles once again.”

“The PSF chief and other high ups should hold a meeting with top players, discuss in detail the plans and appoint an international-recognised modern coach on long-term basis. I can assure, within a year or so, we will climb back to the top and start producing extraordinary ordinary results and earning medals for the country,” Aamir concluded.